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       The history of R-Plecz began many faceoffs ago... To understand the history one first must know what R-Plecz means. R-Plecz is the license plate and nickname of the former Kiski Area Hockey coach Ralph Pleczowski. Ralph was not your ordinary coach. Ralph lived more than an hour away from the Center Ice Arena in Delmont, where Kiski regularly practiced and played. Ralph constantly wore turtlenecks. Ralph designed ridiculous drills such as the 5 on 0 Powerplay drill which consisted of 5 players passing around and shooting. The passes had to be directed towards the person next to them or the drill was stopped, unless of course the sneaky bastard was heading to the net... But that's a totally different story. During his tenure as Kiski's JV Assistant Coach he witnessed to him what was the most "Embarrassing hockey game he's seen in 41-42 years of hockey." Ralph was also the Assistant Coach of the Varsity team. However, assistant was not the word to describe Ralph's coaching level. Ralph also dubbed many people with nicknames. Bill Gallagher and Luke Mohamed were dubbed "Chatty Cathy" for their continuous talking in the locker room. Luke Mohamed was also dubbed as "Shamoo." for his reluctance to adhere to Ralph's suggestion of "Never Go Down To Make A Save!" After Kiski's first ever Varsity season of more than 2 wins. Ralph led the Varsity team into a post-season tournament. Near the end of the game a scrum broke out and Ralph supposedly allowed his players to charge from the bench to the ice and enter the fight. This lead to Ralph's suspension from the organization and retirement from coaching hockey.

-Come Hungry, Stay Late